atomic api Example with multiprocessing and multiple threads::

You need the following steps to utilize the module:

  1. create function used by child processes, refer to UIntAPIs , IntAPIs , BytearrayAPIs , StringAPIs , SetAPIs , ListAPIs , in each process, you can create multiple threads. on macOS, before the main process start, please set environment variable OBJC_DISABLE_INITIALIZE_FORK_SAFETY=YES, to alliviate Python bug

    def process_run(a):

        def subthread_run(a):


    threadlist = []

    for t in range(5000):

        threadlist.append(Thread(target=subthread_run, args=(a,)))

    for t in range(5000):


    for t in range(5000):


  2. create the shared bytearray

    a = atomic_bytearray(b'ab', length=7, paddingdirection='r', paddingbytes=b'012', mode='m')

  3. start processes/threads to utilize the shared bytearray

    processlist = []

    for p in range(2):

        processlist.append(Process(target=process_run, args=(a,)))

    for p in range(2):


    for p in range(2):


    assert a.value == int.to_bytes(27411031864108609,length=8,byteorder='big')