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If you encounter any issue regarding usage or license of shared atomic enterprise. Please feel free to issue jira tickets.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our service_mail or service line: +8619883124028, not toll-free, if it is emergency.

Shared Atomic Enterprise Service Agreement

This agreement will be the condition to use the Shared Atomic Enterprise and the condition of your behavior on this website. Use of the software or purchasing from this website means you have accepted this agreement. If you don't comply with these terms, you should neither use this software or any components included nor using this website.

1) Software: Shared Atomic Enterprise, owned by Xiquan Ren.
This agreement should be applied to any copy of Shared Atomic Enterprise software from any source, such as downloaded through internet, installed through any media, or any electronic device with Shared Atomic Enterprise ready to use when you get it.

2) Website:, owned by Jinan Shizhong Anlianwanjia Department Store
Address: Room 103, Unit 1, Building 1, No 95, Jingsiweiyi Road, Shizhong District, Jinan, China

3) Licensee:
The user who bought the licence from this website.

4) User:
The user who is browsing the website.

5) Manual:
Contents on the website

6) Your privacy:
This website pays attention to protect the user's privacy. The website will collect the user's data, only includes licensee's email address used to buy the software. The Website will collect and use it to activate licensee's software and track the licensee is the correct owner of the software licence. The website won't use and reveal this information for any other purpose. The Website will also use this email address to notify the licensee if this agreement changed. Licensee should agree with this to use the software.

7) Principle of the user's behavior:
(i) The user's behavior should be legal.
(ii) The user shouldn't bypass any accessing limitation or availability limitation.
(iii) The user's behavior shouldn't harm other person's legal right.
(iv) The user's behavior violate other person's privacy and data protection.
(v) The user's behavior shouldn't help other person to violate these rules.

8) Enforcement:
If the user violate the terms in this agreement, the website has right to revoke licensee's software licence and stop the user's usage of this website.
The website keep the right to supervise the usage of the software reserved. But the website cannot monitor the whole service, and the website won't try to do it.

9) Service level:
The website will try to keep the service online and running normally, but occasional offline of the website will exists for all the online services, the website don't take responsibility for any damage or lost caused for the user. If the website is temporary offline, the licensee won't be able to activate the software. Normally it won't become any issue if the website recover fast. If the licensee does meet activation issue, please contact our service_mail or service line: +8619883124028, not toll-free.

10) Service agreement update:
The website will change this agreement at anytime, and notify the licensee when this agreement changed. For other users, who is not the licensee of the software, the website won't notify them. Using the website or the software after the agreement change, means the user or the licensee has accepted the new agreement.

12) Usage Restrictions:
The website will not sell the software but to grant licence to use the software, the website keeps all other rights reserved, no matter in default, prohibiting people's denial or other way. For example, this agreement doesn't grant the user the permission to and please don't
(i) bypass or avoid the technical protection set in our service or software.
(ii) publish, copy, rent, lend, resell, export, import or redistribute the software or service.
(iii) transfer the licence, ownership of the software, or other rights in service to other persons.
(iv) bypassing the technical limitations set by software.
(v) trespass or obstruct other person's usage of the service.
(vi) use the service, data or network in unauthorized way.
(vii) reverse engineer, disassembly, decompile, decrypt, attack, simulate the software or service under any condition.

13) Payment:
The website will redirect the user to paypal or wechat to finish the payment, depending on the currency the user choose to pay. After the licensee finish the purchase on paypal or wechat, the website will verify if the payment succeeded. If the payment is successful, the website will send the licence directly to the mailbox the licensee verified when they buy.

14) Refund:
Unless specified by the law or special discount, all the purchases are final, not refundable. If the licensees realized the website charged them wrongly, they should contact the website in 90 days regarding this. The right to issue the refund is reserved by the website. If the website issued the refund, doesn't mean they will continue to issue similar one. This refund policy doesn't impact any applied legal right.

14) Cancel service:
Licensees cannot cancel the activation service, since it is a must to keep the software running normally.

15) Change of price:
The website can change the price of the software licence at any time.

16) Limited of warranty:
The website does not provide any claimed or unclaimed warranty, garantee or condition under the user's local law. The user should take their own responsibility to use this website, and they should understand the website provide service based on current situation, flaw included and up-to-date basics. The website don't garantee the accuracy and timely of the service. The user may have right according to their local law. If applicable, the agreement has no intention to impact these rights. The user admitted that the computer system and telecom system will cause failure and cease to work. The website cannot promise ceaseless, timely, safe, faultless and content-complete service, or connection and transmission on computer network.

If the website violated the limited warranty, the website would choose to:
(i) fix the website.
(ii) refund and invalidate the licence.
This is the only compensation Licensee could get, unless there are other legal right according to Licensee's local law.

8) Limitations of Liability:
The website will not take any responsibility for any damages related to the use of the website except the compensations in section 17, even through the compensation didn't really meet its purpose. If the user's local law doesn't permit to disclaim this duty, this agreement does not fit the user's condition. If the user's local law can get the licensee compensation from the website, the compensation should be no more than the amount paid on this website.
The website does not provide any other claimed, unclaimed warranties or default warranties, if the user's local law does not permit to disclaim any warranties, the user can only get those warranties according to law. If the user's local law needs longer warranties, the warranties could be elongated accordingly, but the user can only get compensation permitted by section 16.