Python atomic for shared data types

The module can be used for atomic operations under multiple processs, multiple threads and multiple coroutines conditions.

Included datatypes:

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Shared Atomic Enterprise Requirement:

  • Supported Python,

    • CPython 3.6 - 3.11, if compiled by the user, for CPython3.6 --enable-shared should be added in the configuration parameter.

  • Supported platforms,

    • MacOSX x86_64, centos7,9/rhel7,9 x86_64, Ubuntu Linux 18/20/22 x86_64 and Suse Linux Enterprise Server 12/15 x86_64, Microsoft Windows 10 x64, Windows Server 2019 x64

    • The package requires libatomic/libatomic1 installed on Linux platform.

    • urwid == 2.1.2 for activation.

    • bitarray if you need to use atomic_set or atomic_list.

    • Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 Redistributable(X64) on Windows.

    • windows-curses==2.3.1 on windows.

For example usage of the module, please visit this atomic_api_example